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Training Good Dogs to be Great Family Pets

Welcome to The Dean's List Dog Training School! We are Hampton Roads Virginia's PREMIUM Dog Training School!

THE DEAN'S LIST specializes in FAMILY PET Dog Training for all dog breeds. For the ultimate in calm, enjoyable pet ownership. For over 28 years, we have been your veterinarian's #1 choice for:
  • BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION. (common concerns like jumping, pulling, chewing, general manners in and around the home)
  • FAMILY PET OBEDIENCE TRAINING (Calm walks, on-off leash control, basic commands)        
  • OWNER TO CANINE RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT (House-training, bringing home a new puppy, family ownership involvement)
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• Jumping Up on People
• Play Biting
• Chasing the Cat
• Chewing
• Not Listening
• Running Away
• Digging
• House Training Issues
• Pulling on the Leash
• Behavior Problems

Our services can be obtained in 3 ways:

  1. Veterinary located GROUP Training Classes,
  2. PRIVATE LESSONS, which are held in the comfort of YOUR home.
  3. COMBINATION Package, 7 Private Lessons AND 16 Group classes.

We are very capable of handling your jumpy puppy, your pulling pound pup, or chew-crazed toy terrier. From a barking Boxer to digging Dalmatian, turning a wild and rambunctious dog to a well behaved member of your family, we are here to help you have the best dog you've ever owned!!

Don't let "Pet-store" type dog training be compared to The Dean's List. EXPECT MORE RESULTS!!

If you are looking to get the most out of pet ownership, eliminate behavioral problems and enjoy your dog to the fullest, then THE DEAN'S LIST is for you!

Our Family Pet Dog Training is a positive experience, for both dog and owner alike. At THE DEAN'S LIST, we have built a reputation in the Hampton Roads area for dramatic transformations in dog behavior and owner control. From the new puppy to the rescue dog, from a long time owner of a problematic dog to the first time pet owner, we have a history of solving and preventing dog related problems and HELPING YOU get the most enjoyment from your dog.

Dog with Toy


The DEAN'S LIST educates OWNERS.

Explaining WHY your dog thinks how he does.

Teaching you how to stop unwanted behaviors.

Demonstrating the method to COMMUNICATE with your dog.  

Finally, Evaluating and providing positive feedback on your training methods and progress.

All in a family pet perspective. These elite owners are now capable of controlling their dogs, thus ensuring maximum freedom of their pets, and the most positive of times spent together. A Dean's List dog, along with a Dean's List educated owner, can be spotted a block away. Imagine your dog coming when called, or staying when asked. A genuine pleasure to own and love! That neighbor who enjoys a well-mannered walk? The friend whose dog didn't jump on you at the door, or bark excessively? That's a DEAN'S LIST OWNER!  That's a DEAN'S LIST DOG!

Dog Training

So, you have a few minutes daily to spent with your beloved pet, right? You have had enough of the jumping, not listening, dog of old? You're ready to learn, ready to have a happy well-adjusted dog? Then let’s put our best paw forward and provide our pet, and our self, with the best dog training Hampton Road has to offer!

Call me personally, I'm looking forward to helping you.

Jeff Dean

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